Signature Generator

Select which type of signature you want to make.

Typed signature

This is as simple as it gets. Type your name in the field provided by our signature generator and choose from multiple handwriting fonts we’ve made available so you can get something unique to you. You can then make edits until you’re happy.

Drawn signature

Use this free tool to draw a signature on any touchscreen device (mobile, tablet, or even a desktop/laptop connected stylus - of course, you can use your mouse too). Our signature generator doesn’t discriminate. After drawing, edit until you’re happy and save it.

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What is a signature generator - really?

Signature generator is just one of the names. Whether it’s called a signature maker, signature creator, or something else, the function is the same. It’s a software tool that allows you to create a personalized signature that can be used for a variety or purposes. Most often, the generated signature is used to eSign PDF or Word documents in a way that’s legally compliant. Platforms like PandaDoc or Signwell will allow you to upload your generated signature and use it to sign everything from sales contracts to consent forms.

What a signature can reveal

Ascending signature

It can be said that those with an ascending signature have ambition, optimism, creativity, and vitality.

Descending signature

Those with a descneding signature can, in general terms, be considered skeptics.

Large signature

The larger the signature, the more confident the person tends to be.

Small signature

On the other end of the spectrum, those with small signatures may lack confidence.

Legible signature

The clearer the signature the more open and straightforward they may be when dealing with others.

Illegible signature

Conversly, a person with a signature you can’t read doesn’t mean they’re not straightforward, it may mean they have a sharp or quick mind

Incomplete (or initials)

This is considered to be a sign of an independent streak - a type of rebel.

Line after signature

A line right after the signature can be interpreted as someone that’s determined.

Frequently asked questions eSignature maker FAQ

A signature generator is an online software program which produces an electronic signature that can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as an email signature, sign contracts, give consent in certain instances, etc. Like a regular handwritten signature, an online signature produced by the signature generator is legally binding.

NO. Our signature generator is what’s known as a front-end tool. That means almost everything happens in the browser and we don’t store signatures in our database. After you download your signature and leave the page, the record of it is deleted.

Many people don’t realize that there are different types of electronic signatures. You have digital signatures and electronic signatures. Digital signatures use a security protocol called PKI (public key infrastructure). Before someone can have that, they need to go through an authentication process.

Our signature maker produces what’s known as an electronic signature or online signature. This is also a legally binding signature but may not be used to sign certain government documents and property documents.

Of course. As explained a moment ago, the signature creator produces electronic signatures which are valid for many types of documents. Not all documents can be signed with it though and it’ll depend on where you’re located and what you’re trying to sign.

This is a good question. When you’re using an electronic signature solution, many of the things regarding legality are already taken care of for you. There’s an audit trail which tracks IP address, dates, activities, and fingerprint hashing. Together, these features help prove the legality of an electronic signaure.

Most documents can be signed but not all of them. For the ones you can sign, the executed document or contract will be legally binding and cannot be challenged in court because it’s an electronic signature. The signatures made with our free signature generator shouldn’t be used out the gate for:

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney
  • Codicils and trusts
  • Adoption paperwork
  • Divorces decrees
  • Court orders & notices
  • Notices of default, foreclosure, repossession, or eviction
  • Product recalls
  • Documentation accompanying the transportation of hazardous material